Without honest media, heroic efforts remain unheralded

By Olaf Childress


Only the Jews are capable of such a Big Lie as they recently pulled off in Paris. Hitler was right about how that maneuver works. First, the liars must have immense media clout; then, all those public forums give voice in unison to their prefabricated story, an accusation or invention so gross that ordinary people would never believe any human equal to just making it up. Germany’s Chancellor knew at first hand what he was describing, and those doing wars by deception proved Hitler’s point when turning his warnings against them around, making it sound as if he were blustering National Socialism’s talent for getting its way anytime coming up with a sufficiently enormous Big Lie.

Composed and staged

On January 7, 2015, their story broke. Muslim jihadists had penetrated the offices of a magazine having regularly satirized all religions, coming down especially hard on Islam’s Prophet, when two men wielding automatic weapons assassinated Charlie Hebdo’s editors, cartoonists, one cop and some bystanders, then simultaneously with a third martyr went to their glory.

The Mossad precisely tracks its terrorist assets – most of whom only guess at who is actually supplying the money and means, provided that they delay their martyrdom until the signal comes – then it tells them how to receive their arms, where and when to strike for maximum coordinated results.

Not to let those killings interfere with International Jewry’s successfully ongoing islamization of Europe, that continent’s mediacracy published as a single voice its ready appeal, instantly advising everyone to keep calm, think, for such terrorists were “unrepresentative” of most Muslims. This well-planned entreaty, though seen right off by a few who know what’s going on in the world as another Big Lie, yet produced its intended effect upon the masses.

More than a knockout punch, here was a double whammy. Complimenting Europe as having outgrown its xenophobia, Jewish media munchkins kept the National suicide floodgates open while sweeping the feet from under a resurgent anti-immigration movement Pegida – whose growth might have skyrocketed but for having no voice in today’s international “diversity” opera.

Players and choreographers

As with Roy Moore, a circuit judge who became one State’s famous chief justice front man for two Jews-turned-Christian, enabling their plan to back his election and bankroll a Ten Commandments monument that they installed in Alabama’s Supreme Court rotunda during Act II, anticipating its scripted removal at the performance’s conclusion, we can’t determine whether French author Michel Houellebecq was a knowing participant in Europe’s latest Big Lie or not.

A master of provocation, Houellebecq, 58, sought with his novels regularly the shocking: words that criticized selectively all money-grubbing corporations, sexual promiscuity and everything Western. In a 2001 interview after having called Islam the “dumbest religion,” by which bringing unsuccessful lawsuits and much attention to himself, he did an about face and found in such a puritanical belief the answer to what’s wrong with this world. Le Figaro had just introduced his newest treatise, Soumission, released in Germany the same morning as Unterwerfung, which means in both languages “subjugation, submission,” when hell broke loose.

One fateful day

On the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s 7 January 2015 cover appears Houellbecq, his unusually grotesque face cartoonized more so – as a deranged magician saying, “In 2015 I’ll lose my teeth,” and, “In 2022, I shall make Ramadan.” Hebdo is short for “hebdomadaire” (weekly magazine). That issue of the publication came out the same day as Houellbecq’s book was introduced in both German and French while terrorists simultaneously murdered Hebdo’s staff.

Astonishingly, media around the world were all of a sudden in agreement that this should not create animosity against Islam, as such extremists had nothing in common with the Prophet’s believers; they should soon be caught and punished as terrorist murderers, not Muslims.

But why would these same media, ever quick to condemn White Christians, racial activists, priests, organizations and police before any official investigation discloses the first credible evidence against them, suddenly mobilize as a singularly resolved entity in defending this Islamic tsunami sweeping across our European-American lands?


Consider: On October 20 at Montreal a Canadian Islamist ran down with his auto two soldiers, killing one of them. Two days later in Ottawa an Islamic convert burst into the Canadian Parliament, shooting and killing a guard. One day later in New York an ax-swinging jihadist attacked several police, wounding two, one of them badly. On December 14 an armed Islamist took all those in a Sydney café hostage, resulting in two deaths. On December 20 a Burundi Muslim convert stormed the police station in Joué-lès-Tours, stabbing three officers while shouting, “Allahu akbar!” Next day an Algerian drove his auto into gatherings at five different locations in Dijon, at each group shouting “Allahu akbar!” wounding thirteen, two of them seriously. A day later a truck driver rammed his vehicle into a gathering of Christmas shoppers at Nantes, wounding ten, one of whom died. He was heard shouting, “Allahu akbar!” Last May in Brussels a jihadist attacking the Jewish Museum murdered four. Having declared himself acting in the name of Islam, he was the first of many IS returnees from Syria to murder again.

So the massacre at Charlie Hebdo was no more predictable, the story goes, than all those others. It further bemoans this as an attack on dissenting opinions, freedom of the press; now even satire has received a shot in the head.

Mission impossible?

Let’s give Moore and Houellebecq the benefit of our knowing little for certain. It then behooves us to tiptoe very carefully around the difficulties imposed on further investigation because, one, we can guess that the media won’t expose themselves as apologists for their Big-Lying masters and, two, only a comparatively few have by now discovered these alternate channels of information.

Three, the main problem we’re facing is that some of our otherwise most intelligent people take the White man’s code of fair play past his own goalposts, unknowingly thereby entering the enemy’s camp. They can’t get it into their too-virtuous noggins that much of the world lives by inscrutably simplistic (media-directed) verdicts, which “democratic” resolution lately accuses and convicts Whites as the instigators of every other Nation’s troubles.

It’s easy enough to cut less considerate third worlders some slack; they just don’t know that justice is outraged when a crime by one Aryan attaints the whole race. May we pursue this further?

The same intellectual who says we must never “profile,” that is, do unto others as they are doing unto us, might at least agree this world would be poorer following our kind’s exit. Yet, how does that square with such magnanimous generosity as would never deprive less imaginative Nations of the benefits by which White inventiveness continually makes everybody’s life easier?

We must appeal, very carefully, to those who know their history well, and remind them of the debt Western civilization owes such ones as in full awareness sacrificed themselves at Thermopylae when slowing the Asian invader while Athens regrouped. They didn’t negotiate with an army whose intent was clear. Yes, some of Xerxes’ men no doubt possessed talents that Europe then lacked, but the latter chose to profile them as unassimilable into the Occident’s rational norms.

And yet the compassionate Aryan might counter that what we’re cautioning against is grossly unfair; one doesn’t make broad assumptions about a whole race based on the acts of some few. Hey, the Baltimore Orioles have games still scheduled. Want to go there?

Mama used to say one doesn’t normally work on Sunday, but, should his ox fall into the ditch that day, the Good Book allows its immediate extraction. We are surrounded with opportunities disguised as problems, the biggest of which today being survival. Normally one oughtn’t profile, but failing to do so when the alternative portends a bringing back of the Dark Ages is a crime against humanity. Our people are not like, and must stand apart from, those posturing as if they were gods – above life’s struggle and fit to rule over all “Goyim.”

We shouldn’t wish, and cannot afford, the loss of a single intellectual from among us just because he seldom gets his hands dirty in the trenches. Let’s keep urging the dissenters to consider that segregating all peoples into their most comfortable and creative environments must return such a diversity between Nations as we rubes know will benefit everyone.

Our survival – via profiling – should be each sane person’s desire.

Back to the present

The magazine Elle gave Houellebecq’s novel its verdict: “shocking.” Newspaper La Montagne said “corrosive.” Le Point asked, “Is this new Houellebecq an enemy of Islam?” and answered: “No, it’s worse. Here he predicts the end of our European civilization.”

Soumission would appear at first glance as boosting the ranks of Pegida. The story then veers into an initial elective victory for a Muslim French president while the Islamic religion’s growth penetrates across neighboring States.

In its beginning, however, the presently unloved sitting French President François Hollande wins in 2017 against rightwing populist Marine Le Pen of Front National. Yet by 2022 the traditional parties fall into disunity, as a “Brotherhood of Muslims” challenges the Front National which leads practically into civil warfare: shootings in Paris, attacks upon voting precincts, autos set ablaze in the streets. It’s as if the author had predicted Charlie Hebdo’s slaughter.

The story starts off being narrated by professor François, a typical Houellebecq figure disinterested in politics and living his lonesome, sexually-unhappy life. Then it takes a turn that would hardly please the Pegida loyalists, as Muslim President Ben Abbes proves himself capable at working things out so that nobody hears anything more from Front National or of civil war. Instead, the populace is quickly accepting this moderate islamization; women begin clothing themselves more decently as they drop from the workforce. By reintroducing religion into all lives, there’s a new sense of security throughout the land. François even ogles switching to Islam as a tonic since it promises him an improved sex life; he might under Sharia marry up to four wives.


In numerous interviews before and after the release of Soumission on that fateful day, Michel Houellebecq had made clear his own love affair with Islam, praising the Koran while allowing that no feminists can take pleasure from his writings. He admits the similarities between what this book predicts and Communism’s once golden promises. Now back to the real world…

Let us answer our sincere intellectual’s legitimate concerns regarding the typically broad brush with which we often paint, or “profile,” the International Jew. Before the law, all are equal, it’s said, and just because a non-Semitic Ashkenazi naming himself Jew murders a Palestinian in cold blood, his cousins, according to the White man’s law, aren’t tainted by that crime. Yet every Jew subscribes to a different code, i.e., the Talmud, which requires him to defend any Jew accused of a crime against a non-Jew and call Gentiles false witnesses in all such cases. As this description of the basic fact won’t satisfy those who still call us bigots for noting dissimilarities where they exist, we’ll go to our closing argument.

What idea do all people, fishes and birds too, share in common? Is it not survival?

This much we agree on

No educated person may honestly deny that those of direct Ashkenazi descent or influence calling themselves Jews plan to rule the world; the fact is well documented throughout their writings. Even Christian missionaries have imagined converting all peoples to their modes of thinking. So the universal government idea, whether it be secular, religious or somewhere between, repeatedly grabs an aspiring faction among the many human races.

And eventually comes up short of its promise. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because a Higher Law dictates struggle as the norm, not some freaky-poo End of History idea. How can it be that those same Big Liars who gave us Communism still exercise a powerful influence upon so many? Again, easy answer, as they’re documenting their conspiracy all the time. To see the proofs that surround us, open your eyes; note the highly disproportionate number of Jews in control of the media – newspapers, films, radio, TV networks, books including those brainwashing children in public schools – and heading up the Fed, the Treasury, the Pentagon, anywhere absolute government industrial money changes hands.

The top Zionist Jews aim for universal rule by enslaving every other Nation while keeping their own lesser ranks in line. This means total obedience among all perceived inferiors, which they’re not getting enough of from us few dissident Whites at present. The answer? Integrate more pliable Asians and Africans into our neighborhoods, keep frustrating us until we learn to go beyond soumission – and love Big Brother.

It’s to marvel, how such media power knocked the legs from under Pegida when there’s every reason Europe should want that invasion checked. Yet thousands went out in a passion for “diversity,” chanting dictated messages that would pass muster. But, why not emancipate the media, as did Germany in 1933, from under the world’s foremost conspiracy instead of welcoming such a foreign and submissive religion as Islam? Nie wieder! – Never again! – is a phrase those Jews who poured right back into supposedly hostile territory occupying all its media – doch, wieder! – have drilled into every German’s skull until today.

The First Freedom