Divided at times, but never conquered
By Olaf Childress

The only absolute is that of a Supreme Order. Otherwise, change is the eternal constant. Nations rise and fall. Therefore, let us accept the higher law that lately and manifestly condemns a quondam superpower America, impaling her upon the arrogance of a few. We must withdraw this no-longer-subversive but openly inimical spear having pierced the U. S. Constitution’s very heart, conduct its final rites and pray for the guidance of our States. Perhaps they will at some time reunite by twos and threes into a new confederation once again bound under certain and enumerated powers received from its at that time more wizened creators. The regime behind today’s Kenyan so-called U. S. President will surely ignore objections from Alabama’s U. S. Senator Sessions and appoint another Sotomayor Supremacist, ending all hopes for the terminally-ill remnant Federalism. Which leaves the rest of the world to watch our example – how we come out from under this tyranny, as before – and learn from us the little that they will: not much, as Aryan know-how isn’t for the comparatively lazy of mind and body.

In God we trust.

Lazy of body perhaps, yet the ever-scheming Zionist neoconmen who’ve killed the Constitution that bound our States together have indeed learned from European Americans: our weaknesses, and willingness to take people at their word. Thus do those anti-White, apartheid elites in control of the money and media hit us with the incessant epithets “racist,” “Nazi,” etc., although no other ethnic identity equals their “racism” and nationalistic fervor. How to combat that? In kind, brothers and sisters – in kind.

Let’s remove the kid gloves and admit that they’re right about one thing. We are what they call “racists.” It’s time to stop letting them get away with casually and repeatedly mentioning, as if such organizations were perfectly justified, their own promotions of a Jewish Defense League, NAACP, Aztlan and Black legislative caucuses, along with hundreds of exclusively Jewish public lobbies and private clubs – at the same time browbeating us into forgoing “equal” rights. Equal? Where in the world’s history has any racial community matched, or come even close, to our own accomplishments and inventions that’ve immensely ameliorated every nation’s lot; which all the others well knew and appreciated back before those “racists” who coined the word sent us bombing Israel’s territorial ambitions into rubble while ignoring our own geographic borders.

I venture out among our community of survivors, admiring and wondering that so many still stand by their own and can’t be deceived. They hang in there, knowing the past, present and future are fused timelessly in the eternal student. And that’s where we must always remain: bending avidly into the lesson before us. At these gatherings, our homeschooled children remind us what it means to keep forever young. Yet, let us caution them – and ourselves – not to act overly proud when holding apart from the undisciplined mob, by remembering that education indicates leading out from the mere rudimentary existence of whatever day we live in.

A slave mentality abandons school, even with free lunch; and, not caring, sits unprepared, until expectantly leaping into the first baited snare. Unthinking, he can’t be helped. A Jewish Supremacist’s mind remains fixed on the idea of creating racial dissent between those useful simpletons and ourselves while maintaining the traps. Let us live away from both such blights on our further progressand stop becoming influenced by Jewish Supremacist media overlords into sending ours where theirchosen ones do not go. Having suffered enough of that egalitarian mythology, we must now return to the enduring principles.

For whosoever would remain self-governed and free must stay a lifelong student, avidly in pursuit of the truth in sure knowledge that one has never learned it all. Educated thus, we shall at no time lose this predisposition for the good fight, nor yield to an enemy’s false victory. Which lesson today is that we stand fast, decline to buy into either Eretz Israel’s “tolerance,” or their cancellation of our States’ Constitutions with executive orders issued by a TV cue card reading “President of similarly dubious allegiance. Passing such tests, we have a future.

The First Freedom