Inspiration is the goal
when William’s Pen gets on a roll.

Breaking the natural order

The natural order of God’s plan
is seen in every pair;
the goat lies down not with the lion,
the hare stays with the hare.
The crow does not pursue the dove,
nor cats mate up with dogs;
two stallions do not fall in love
and neither two sow hogs.
The hummingbird stays with its own;
it does not seek to find
a mate within a flock of geese,
but keeps among its kind.
Then, what of man in nature’s plan:
to God’s Law must he dance,
or is he free to make his own
as suits his circumstance?
The rules were made with penalties;
they came all packaged nice,
and he who dares to break them
must always pay the price.
Reinterpreting the rules
is how the new game’s played:
God’s Law not taught in Sunday Schools,
morality decayed.
Bit by bit the rules are bent;
the work of evil minds
has called wrong right and black is white;
we’re all now color-blind.
Tolerance and diversity
to rank and file they teach,
and we who do not swallow it
must face the Thought Police.
Those among the upper crust
don’t want to share the pie;
they live behind big iron gates
where "guidelines" don’t apply,
and shameless preach equality
for folks like you and me,
then send their kids to private schools
while living near tax-free.
So sad that federal judges now
just cannot understand
that only God can make the rules
and never mortal man.
I submit that Law prevails
throughout God’s universe,
and when man breaks the Law of God
there follows then a curse.

The First Freedom