Unfinished business: ending fedguv’s diversity in Alabama

Those in communications, it is often said, can’t communicate. To a considerable extent, that’s true.

By Olaf Childress

To even begin understanding where the battle lines are drawn as the Third World invades here, a little thinking is in order. How did it come to this?

Why do so many journalists drift to the left? No single experiment in communal farming or social centralism has ever worked out. The Schlaraffenland of which they dream always attracts indolents averse to exertion who couch in front of the TV with open mouths expecting the fruits of others’ labors to fall in. What’s with all these political writers and officeholders? Can’t they learn?

The mentality of such peecees, even if otherwise literate and perceptive, anytime they’re together talking up the dreamstuff theirs strikingly resembles that Mixtec mind they think to manipulate.

It’s about immediate gratification. The communicator becomes comfortable with whatever pleases his established overseer, which person actually enjoys power. That one isn’t asking much: just obey the party line, don’t differentiate, remember we’re a single race, Homo nomo sapiens, and until commissioned as special talent to leap into the coordinated cauldron of a worldwide brotherhood revolution, follow, follow, or stay out of the way.

John Gunther’s ego trip took him inside Austria and Germany, to bring back plenty of reasons for war. Selectively reporting a provocative indictment against Germany’s resistance to the communist menace then waiting to swallow the continent but for Hitler, his 1935 Inside Europe became not only Book-of-the-Month, it was serialized in those twenty-five major newspapers the mediacracy’s lords had commandeered, and several chapters came out as articles in the foremost magazines joining the spin, plus others just taking Gunther at his word.

His 1955 follow-up, Inside Africa, hit Europe’s orderly colonial administrations at the most vulnerable moment, suggesting to native brigands that under communism all was possible. Naturally he cloaked the message as his simple intuition of a coming revolution; dreamstuff had to be peddled softly back then. Only years later would the worldwide mediacracy go full blast to end apartheid – thus delivering beautiful, productive South Africa to primitive mobs incapable of order: hungry vagrants since, and no less disillusioned than the Whites they’ve raped and butchered.

Must there always be wars? Of course not; but strife, yes. The bloodletting comes when we invite leftist, escapist tendencies, the kind of doublethink that Gunther was powerless to set aside and truly examine his party’s line instead of just going along with it. You didn’t "invite" these "liberal" programs of sex-ed, multiculti, sensitivity training and open borders? Then, have you joined the active aboveground – and fought to restore sanity? Bombarded local editors with stern rebukes? Told "representatives" which way to vote? Worked to replace the ones that can’t hear? Warned your school board to teach arithmetic, not personhood? Financed homeschooling if they declined? Petitioned your town to return "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard’s" legitimate name? Proposed legislation requiring your sheriff to arrest any federal agent messing with local people’s constitutional rights? Refused to accept government monopoly "services" such as rural garbage pickup by incarcerated slave labor? Let it be known you’ll have no part of the "national ID"?

Thinking for oneself is the only truth we can be sure of, and that leads naturally to communicating with the higher mind of the universe from which such faculty derives. The alternative is to be ruled by a syndicate of dreamstuff hawkers who aren’t honest. Nobody invented God out of necessity, as secular death’s unknowing servants claim. Those extremes eternally at strife loom so obvious that the "atheist" gives himself away fighting what he says doesn’t exist.

Is there some reason his earthly Paradise can flourish only after he’s laid waste all ethics and institutions? In his own words, why can’t we just get along? Where’s the old "diversity" when it comes to Southern White pride? Ours won’t be sequestered in the closet from which his has unashamedly wandered onto Main Street.

Look where this worldwide revolution is coming from: Schlaraffenland, Paradise, Utopia and death. One size fits all and all is one? Don’t make us real rebels laugh! In living a truth that’s familiar and proven, we guard our kindred race and clan – the only society a person can actually participate in fully.

Know thyself. Were I born an African Negro, perhaps my pride would be in the physical prowess I felt over other animate spirits, such relative cleverness setting me a notch above the immediate surroundings. Why should I have intellectual curiosity about the outside world? This may be the contentment of a primitive mind; I’ve no way of determining.

Nor can I better suppose what might be foremost to my thinking were I a man of East Asia. Perhaps simple acceptance of an immutable world, which seems to have been the Oriental philosophy throughout countless centuries. But today, with agents like Gunther enticing what were relatively placid races menacing no one outside their confines to come off that ultraconservative wheel of life and take up new positions in back of machine-gun turrets, things are changing. Such indolence as cultivates no personal agenda suddenly becomes a worldwide cause: the brotherhood of all men.

But then all of the above is speculation; I can only know myself, my family and folk. And even some of ours migrate to the left after many hundred hours of entertainment spreading the world brotherhood idea out before them in every Zionist-controlled newspaper, movie, sitcom, textbook, post office poster and multiculti advertisement.

So what do I see in this Aryan race that sets our faithful apart from, and yes, a notch above, the internationalist Gunthers of this world who betray the peoples they incite to burn cities and create excuses for wars? Well, for starters, it has introduced Greek art, science and philosophy; Roman republican virtue, the alphabet; cathedrals, Byzantine illuminated texts, the German printing press, vineyards, canals, vehicles for transportation over and under land and water including outer space, the Louvre, the Kremlin, Charleston, Leipzig, Dublin, Vienna, Glasgow, London and Capetown. These are facts.

Gunther’s world is all hat and no cows! His talk is of quantum leaps, and that’s what The Big Lie is about. It says forget teaching your children their strengths and heritage – all races and identities are one; so, if you’re disadvantaged, shoot whoever is immediately over you, but don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

And artless people, once tempted thus, accept at least such part of that propaganda as offers instant gratification. A Mixtec might think his destiny has to be fulfilled in defiance of all other races, clans and even his compatriots: a boundless machismo, yet he’s not so blind that he fails to despise the Gunthers of this world who betray their own, obviously superior, nations.

Now let’s consider the Zionist – he who communicates least of all with himself, but is driven by certain forces of darkness to intercept the exchanges of others: seizing wherever possible the public currencies, airwaves, media, curricula, auditoria and every bottleneck of commerce at which others must declare and pay. Even while a bit jealously admiring his genius for sitting on so much power and the Rheingold, I see him courting another Götterdämmerung for his Chosen Ones. It saddens me to pray for the self-condemned, as he threatens my people more than all others. We have only a few more days and hours to petition God and work and strive, in which the priority has to be for continuing our own. Are the "Judeo-Christians" lately led around by their elbows? Time will tell? My friends, we’re headed to hell in a handbasket, and that implies smallness, Third Worldliness, insignificance, serfdom. We’ve got to do something. Now!

The First Freedom