Events of our times began back then…
(another few lines from William’s Pen).

Under the flag of occupation

Shortly after fifty-nine,
    a culture clash had reached its prime.
No longer could the South submit
    to Yankee domination’s writ.
Southern heroes of great vision
    stood behind their hard decision,
Aware they had a risky task,
    then gave their all when it was asked.
From sixty-one to sixty-four
    our heroes fought a bloody war,
And fighting raged yet four months more
    before the Yanks could slam the door.
In early eighteen-sixty-five
    the Southern States were still alive;
Athough by fall that fateful year
    we saw our country disappear:
This once proud Sovereign Southern Nation
    a province under occupation;
The Founding Fathers’ sacred rules
    no longer taught in Southern schools,
Those freedoms wrought of blood and toil
    all disappeared from Southern soil,
And rule of law by our consent
    reduced now to a non-event,
Commies, gays and men in drag
    wrapped in occupation flag
To cloak and hide their real intent
    (subversion of this continent),
Power and wealth controlled by Jews
    having ended truthful news.
They’ve agitated guileless Blacks
    to break the Constitution’s back…
’Tis as our Fathers prophesied
    when seeing we’d be occupied,
Soon under gun and bayonet.
    Our culture suffers even yet
In present sordid situation:
    a dumbed-down Sovereign Southern Nation
Controlled by Yankee domination
    under the flag of occupation.

The First Freedom