Joy in struggle
By David Mullenax

In the usurious financial world there is a method of loan guarantee known as "collateral." The borrower, faced with exorbitant interest rates and questionable credit, must attach something of material value that guarantees a positive outcome for the lender. Essentially, the loan officer is willing to do anything as long as there is an assurance of success. This, of course, is a Jewish way of thinking.

Many individuals of European descent have adapted this Jewish behavior regarding their level of activity, participation or monetary commitment to the organizations where they belong. The excuse begins with the individuals dismissing many strategies that would promote and assist the survival of our race because these strategies "just won’t work," or they "are really busy" and, of course, their "finances are a little tight right now."

In reality, a person who adapts this "collateral-thinking" via excuse-making is saying he wants the guarantee of a positive payoff equal to or greater than the amount of his efforts. If the originators of ideas would guarantee victories, there would be a limitless supply of volunteers ready to share in the booty. Heck, everyone wants to be on the winning team, right?

Many strategies in activism, and ideas that would benefit our race greatly, never leave the drawing board due to a lack of commitment by necessary participants. If the idea creator would guarantee a payout, the other individuals would abandon their commitmentless lifestyles. But, since the idea creator (the borrower in this sense) cannot offer collateral (a guarantee), the potential partners eliminate any notion of risk taking and invest their time elsewhere. You know, they put it into those really big payoffs like hours of television watching. Let there be no uncertainty why many of our people have adopted this Jewish way of thinking. They’ve immersed themselves in an exclusively Jewish environment.

Refusing to act or commit to the many possibilities and opportunities that are offered in our struggle because the future remains uncertain is not just a selfish act, it’s cowardly! Countless men and women have become so comfortable in this materialist world that the prospect of real suffering is worse to them than the idea of death.

Yet, when one looks back on the many wondrous victories of our past, I feel quite confident that the magnitude of those victories can be measured by the amount of suffering experienced. For certain, suffering is a prerequisite to victory.

If the organic theorists of high culture (i.e., Spengler, Yockey, etc.) are right, then all of our efforts are meaningless, for all things must come to an end. Yet, lately I have thought that our focus on ultimate victory would be better spent on the joys of struggle and suffering, for that ultimate victory will only arrive when our struggle and suffering are great.

It’s immigration, stupid!

To the Harrisonburg (Virginia) Daily News Record:

Harrisonburg and Rockingham County residents are faced with a frightening situation: an increase in immigrant gang activity. The consequences of inaction and complacency are perilous, and considering the seriously deficient solutions presented recently by the institutions whose duty it is to protect citizens, I feel obliged to opine.

The cause and creation of immigrant gangs is obviously traced to one source: immigration. Politicians, industrialists and globalization specialists have encouraged unchecked Third World immigration to the detriment of our native population. Yet, as immigration is the source of the current problem, special interest groups and the politicians they control do nothing to stop it.

A panacea can be found by creating unfavorable environmental conditions through well crafted legislation and city ordinances, which purpose is to attack this particular societal ill. All that’s necessary is government officials with the courage to implement it.

First, officials must draft an ordinance requiring proficiency in English as a prerequisite to employment. Any applicant failing that oral and written English proficiency exam forfeits his right to work here. After all, Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) exams require children to demonstrate English proficiency as an imperative for academic advancement and graduation, so the same philosophy can be applied in the labor force.

Secondly, define immigrant gangs as enemy combatants and domestic terrorists under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security. By this means, a quite unconstitutional Patriot Act can be used against machete-wielding invaders who are destroying our communities. If the Patriot Act is good enough for American citizens, then I am rather certain it’s good enough for immigrant gang members.

Finally, institute "gang-crime" laws. As "hate-crime" laws are disproportionately applied to lengthen prison sentences, so can these new gang-crime laws. For any illegal act perpetrated by a gang member, including minor infractions, an additional twenty years is appended to the sentence.

These are serious solutions for a serious problem.

I have read recently how local and state politicians are working with other civic organizations on creating after-school programs to deal with the current crisis, as if that’s going to solve anything. Even worse, a local television station website displays its remedy for gang prevention by advocating that we learn to understand the feelings of gang members; in summary, learn to love them more.

This type of illogical, liberal-leftist insanity – which placates immigrant gang populations and the institutions responsible for bringing them here, while placing the burden on law-abiding taxpayers who are becoming fearful of living in their own cities – is tantamount to treason!

Even worse, the fact that someone has to explain to individuals in positions of power that you don’t combat well-armed and extremely violent immigrant militias with day-care programs is frightening indeed.

Every elected official who promotes, supports, or subscribes to this type of nonsense and refuses to deal with the problem today, should be thrown out of office tomorrow... if tomorrow isn’t too late.

The First Freedom