The real enemy

By Phil Beverly

Will Rogers and his ilk were heroes prior to the Jewish takeover of Amerika. Before WWII was concluded to the satisfaction of the Jews, the Southern character stood super-welcome in entertainment. As I have said so many times, the Amerika after WWII having made the world safe for the Jews is completely different from the America prior to that watershed. Jewish entertainers were very careful to keep us pacified until after the bloodletting in Europe and around the world. Look at Jolsonís black face, Amos and Andy, Lum and Abner, Jack Bennyís Rochester, Charlie Chanís "Birmingham," Amos and Andyís "Lightning," plus so many film personalities. America loved it. Anything to keep America powerful until after the big event.

Then, with the Jews solidly ensconced in control of Amerika and the world, the assault on Amerika as epitomised in the Southern Character began. It is all detailed in so many of the documents by the Jews themselves.

The non-Southern Whites are beginning to get it. What even we do not grasp is the absolute necessity to divorce ourselves from the media. For that is the primary weapon being used against us. We must begin to replace all the propaganda with our own truth, our own literature and principles.

The First Freedom