The Selma-to-Montgomery orgy

By Olaf Childress

Will the “minority” community here in Alabama get mad at me for punning the media-sanctified name of MLK? I doubt it; Blacks and Whites alike have humor down South “in de land ob cotton where ol’ times are not forgotten.” But we honkies aren’t that thrilled about prospects of acquiring minority status ourselves under Hurricane Pedro, and neither are the niggers, if I may speak as truly for them as their Jewish lords have done falsely for so many years.

African-Americans – excellent athletes, truck drivers, bricklayers and cooks – are not very good at architecture, engineering, literary composition or mathematics. Let’s face it, in those areas they stink; and yet do grasp quickly the proven Jewish formula antiSlaverytism + Whiteguilt = Freelunch. European-Americans, though outstanding in the arts and sciences, have joined both of the above minority groups in forgetting the blessings of honest work done for a living. Yes, and honesty is also the happiest challenge. Honkies don’t go out these days meeting provocations head-on – not since this slavish, nice’n’easy habit of waiting for a cue from the Jewish mediacracy. It’s right there, requiring only the click of a zapper.

And what do such Jewish-controlled TV sitcoms-as-news (and vice versa) tell us? That it’s uncool to discriminate. Or to work or think offline: bad for the meeting of minds, giving rise to Whiteguilt.

But if all or even a great many of our brethren had more firmly resisted the New World Order when those communist Jews sent Michael a.k.a. “Doctor Martin Luther” King and his Black army assaulting White culture at Montgomery, Alabama, neither the honky nor nigger would sit there today waiting for the mediacracy to explain how we shall “integrate“” so many thousands of uninvited, job-stealing, mestizo invaders.

Am I a racist? You bet. So are the kikes, niggers, mestizos; the owls and parrots, too. There’s a Miss Owl contest, you know, an Owl Caucus, Owl Mayors’ Association, Owl College Fund and a lot more I won’t bother you with except to say Cock Robin needn’t apply. And the World Parrotish Congress has a name for avians who aren’t parrots: Goyim. Allow me to introduce a fellow realist.

Drue Lackey was the young police lieutenant fingerprinting Rosa Parks in that famous photograph. She had been a poor seamstress in Montgomery back then, right? Wrong. Like Michael King, trained by communists at the Frankfurt School in Tennessee to play it cool, lie low until sent on a mission, enjoy the perks of obedience in the meantime: her call to action came in December 1955. This “poor seamstress“” in fact was the Secretary for the Montgomery Chapter of the NAACP at that time.

When it was all over, the marching and looting, rapes and murders that preceded Alabama’s surrendering its last vestiges of former sovereignty to Jewish supremacists lurking in the shadows behind their Black subjects, this same officer had assumed the title of Montgomery Police Chief.

On Oct. 7, 2006 Drue Lackey explained to a crowd of 200 at the annual Fall Muster gathering in Confederate Memorial Park, some 25 miles north of Montgomery, what it was like on the receiving end of those “nonviolent” bottles and bricks, the spittle and invective hurled at his cops.

He laughingly described the perplexity of MLK and his minions trying to provoke his well-disciplined men into overreacting in front of those “Ever Ready“” bunnies with handy cameras. Lackey told of how he learned the U. S. Justice Department was, same as the CPUSA, in on the planning behind all that. They planned to quickly fill up the jails, then the city would become theirs. But Chief Lackey gave them a rude awakening. He reactivated the old jail and, in addition, got custody of the then empty Kilby Prison trustee barracks nearby. His men patiently stood their lines until protestors defied the law, at which time arresting them without exception.

Few have heard of Claudette Colvin or Mary Louise Smith, but they are the ones who paved the way for Rosa Parks. Earlier in 1955 and on separate occasions, these two women had reconnoitered what Parks was to do later: get arrested for invading the White seats on a Montgomery city bus. No new product is sold nationwide to the public without a limited test run.

And who could resist that petite poster child, or the message? “Bigotry is the only excuse for racial separatism,” repeated those Jewish separatists in control of the media – this over and over and over, until two plus two made five.

Unlike in Montgomery, where uneasy talks saved as much of their traditions for both races as possible, Birmingham Police Chief Eugene “Bull“” Connor and Selma’s Jim Clark lost it, simply fire-hosing down the rioters, playing into the hands of those behind the cameras. The latter were not long in arousing murders and rebellion against the State, as Negroes responded to cues from the District of Corruption.

On the denouement of all this, former Police Chief Drue Lackey said of the 1965 attempted takeover of his city: “We did a lot of planning. The Selma-to-Montgomery media event (25,000 ‘marchers’) was a disgrace to our nation. The communists had succeeded in brainwashing President Lyndon Johnson into ordering the National Guard to escort them.

Those four days on the road had turned into an habitual sex orgy by the time they reached the capitol. King was always seen on TV marching in the front row among clean, well-disciplined performers. It was all a sham. He stayed partying separately most of those days, and would only arrive in a chauffered limousine for appointed press deadlines, leaving immediately after. Most of the others put it off at least until nightfall, what they had come for, as this mob had been bused in from across the country and around the world: unemployed Blacks, White students, party activists of both races, on promises of all the free food, booze and sex they wanted.

They reached Montgomery late on the afternoon of March 24, 1965, and spent the night at St. Jude’s where they had been invited. We kept security along with the National Guard, for the local Whites were up in arms. We witnessed them sleeping on the ground all together, and a lot of sexual activity went on throughout the night, with frequently changed partners. This is what the federal government sponsored: a bunch of communists and moral degenerates.”

In the several days that followed, explained Chief Lackey, his officers had their hands full. He stationed guards in front of MLK’s residence when porch bombers threatened, but it became impossible to stop the 25,000 invaders from doing their instincts on front lawns or wherever they pleased. Still, the party ended suddenly with a trip to jail for those uninvited guests instigating physical violence.

After thus explaining what it was really like on the receiving end of “nonviolent” “civil disobedience,” Lackey was roundly applauded. I spoke with him in chow line, where barbecued pork and chicken with all the trimmings is served up each year at these Fall Musters, and both of us listened to good country and gospel bands playing throughout the day.

The First Freedom