Revisiting a media event: What really happened at Selma in 1965?

The Truth – Uncensored

A report having cost much sacrifice

By Patricia Godwin

The Civil Rights movement is not just a Birmingham/Selma/Montgomery, Alabama problem. It is a universal problem. And your tax dollars, federal and State, are being used to perpetuate the biggest lie since Lincoln! I mean millions and millions of your tax dollars!

Since Selma, Alabama – the Civil Rights Hot Pot of the World – is my home, I witnessed the trash that came here in 1965. In 1965, and for a few years thereafter, the people of Selma, Alabama, were willing to tell the truth about this Mother of All Orgies… but now, the scalawag/carpetbaggers see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in the civil rights movement! They don’t even realize they are aiding and abetting the ultimate goal of the One World Order – to brown AmeriKa and annihilate our Anglo-Celtic-European culture!

A lot of you reading this are too young to remember that atrocity, perhaps weren’t even born yet. You now have opportunity to read the truth – uncensored – exactly as recorded in 1965. Belinda Holloway and I have taken this on as a private endeavor and had reprinted from the original 1965 publications the forthcoming list of documents. I asked Ellen Williams to write the preface, an insert explaining why we have taken on this project and exposing what Dr. Lee Warner, then Executive Director of the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC), was doing to memorialize the 1965 Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March. Ellen Williams had all the proof compiled from those meetings. The rest of us with eight-hour jobs took vacation days to monitor AHC meetings, attending them even in towns so far away that it was necessary to stay overnight, of course at our expense. AHC Director Warner had been brought down here to design his own legacy! His accomplices in this atrocity were the National Parks Service, the U. S. Department of Transportation, the U. S. Department of the Interior and the Alabama Department of Transportation: government agencies funded by your tax dollars!

My question to Dr. Warner on March 5, 2001 was, “When is enough enough?” We had a grassroots contingency that was riding shotgun on this Historic Commission and Lee Warner since March 5, 2001. Several members of the group were retired and able to attend all the meetings regardless of location in the State. They took notes, i.e., minutes of the financial meetings and then the regular quarterly forums. Lee Warner held these meetings in exotic, expensive hotels, etc. at your expense!

We submitted a ten page report to then Governor Riley about the activities of that Alabama Historic Commission… with no response from him. We, the Confederate community, had worked double quick time to get that man elected and be rid of Don Siegelman, having been led to believe he would represent us. But Bob Riley had done the “Trent Lott Crawl” ever since his inauguration…

This entire endeavor is about saving our precious Cradle of the Confederacy, the Joe Wheeler Plantation, Cedar Grove at Greensboro, John Tyler Morgan House in Selma, Fort Morgan at Gulf Shores, Fort Blakeley in Baldwin County; and, let me remind you, Dr. Lee Warner gave Selma Mayor James Perkins the final okay to move the CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument to Live Oak Cemetery from the Smitherman Building Museum. He did this arbitrarily, same as he renamed the Joe Wheeler Plantation “Pond Spring.” AHC Director Lee Warner was “the devil come to Alabama”!

[Lee Warner got fired because of those relentless citizen protests; but the ZOG simply replaced him with another apparatchik. – ed.]

This package is a great gift to your friends for their historic library and posterity. The Truth – Uncensored contains the following publications:

The Truth – Uncensored
Reprints from 1965 original publications
· Sex and the Civil Rights Movement – The True Selma Story

The Truth Surrounding Viola Liuzzo’s killing

89th Congressional Record
March 30, 1965: Congressman William Dickinson’s accurate and descript account to Congress of the Selma to Montgomery March

Eight page letter
citing ten pertinent questions surrounding the death of Unitarian Minister James Reeb of Boston, Massachusetts – Written by prominent Selma businessman Sol Tepper, Sr. (deceased)

an insert concisely outlining activities of the Alabama Historic Commission and its Executive Director, Dr. Lee Warner, the National Parks Service, U. S. Department of Transportation, the U. S. Department of the Interior and the Alabama Department of Transportation since March 5, 2001 – describing the Master Plan to memorialize the “Mother of all Orgies” with
your State and federal tax dollars!

Having these documents in hand, you’ll want to call your State Senators along with Representatives and U. S. Congressmen to file complaints; you’ll be armed to demand what legislation was passed approving this multi-million dollar project. What is the bill number, who sponsored it and why?

To purchase The Truth – Uncensored send check for $13 plus $7 shipping and handling (total $20.00) payable to: The Truth – Uncensored, P. O. Box 792, Selma, Alabama 36702 or The Truth – Uncensored, P. O. Box 170504, Birmingham, Alabama 35217. For purchases of 10 or more sets the cost is $10 per package plus $5.00 shipping and handling. These publications are reprints only (the original publishing companies are defunct and their copyrights have expired and were not renewed).

We have had 1,000 sets printed and packaged. After recouping our initial investment, the balance will be donated to the Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorial Park Fund to buy private land and develop a Confederate Memorial park here in Selma, to which site the NBF Monument will then be moved.

The First Freedom